Presented by Coghlan Art Studio and Gallery
A Retrospective of a Haida Printmaker

"Four Circles"

rdcircleraven.jpg (212780 bytes) rdcircleeagle.jpg (170920 bytes) rdcirclekiller.jpg (187515 bytes) rdcirclefrog.jpg (159700 bytes)
This is a matched set of signed, titled  and numbered Limited Edition prints.
Each is number #66 of the edition.
Condition: Perfect
8" x 8"

$3275 usd


     The magical number for the people of the Northwest Coast is four. It influences their culture and traditions in many ways; songs and dances are often repeated four times, rituals are performed in fours, and myths were often built on the occurrence of four events.
      The design of these four prints is unique in that each embodies only the essence of the ceature it portrays through the minimal use of line. The negative and positive elements interlock to provide the necessary features  with amazing economy of detail. Originally designed as silver pendants, in graphic form the circle motifs become a striking quartet.
      The rendering of one circle in black with touches or red makes a strong counterpoint for the three predominantly red designs having accents of black.

rdcircleraven.jpg (212780 bytes)

Raven with Broken Beak, subject of Haida myth, is reduced to head and wings. With the head facing front, the broken beak hangs down the center, flanked on each side by pointed wings that alamost meet at the base. A small human head at the top is a reminder that the Raven can transform  into a human form.

#66 / 182

rdcircleeagle.jpg (170920 bytes)

Eagle is seen in profilefacing left, his head and wing being all that is required. The keynote for the Eagle is the downturned beak. The wing, in it's minimal form, has two black feathers and an ovoid joint.

#66 / 140

rdcirclekiller.jpg (187515 bytes)

Killer Whale has been reduced to an absolute minimum, the head, eye, mouth, flippers and necessary blow hole, all flowing within the circular shape, combine to create a bold and fluid abstraction of the design.

#66 / 127

rdcirclefrog.jpg (159700 bytes)

Frog is shown with characteristic wide mouth having no teeth; arms and legs are suggested through the fingers and toes arranged behind the head, with the central black element representing the body.

#66 / 72