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Bookwus, the Wildman of the Woods, is a non human character that lives on the edge of the forest near the ocean shore. He lurks at the mouths of creeks where he entices the souls of drowned humans, persuading them with ghost food to come and live with him. He lives in an invisible house in the woods where he communicated with the dead and brought them back to life during the winter dance season.

Bookwus is an important supernatural creature in Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwaqiutl) mythology. Masks representing him are usually carved with great care. He has prominent eye brows with sunken eye sockets and round inhuman eyes. His nose is curved like a birds beak and he often has ears that stand upright and alert, representing his acute hearing. His forehead and cheeks often have ridges carved into them that emphasize his skull like form.

The more northern version, called Bawas by the Tsimshian people, is more human in appearance.