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wood carvings



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Limited Edition Prints
by various artists
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updated for July 2018

orders over $1000 cdn. include free shipping
click the thumbnail pics for larger version and more info

Prices are in Canadian funds

Human Sun
Jay Brabant
41" high x 46" wide


"Salmon Moon"
Pat Amos
Glass - 24" high x 23" wide


Crazy Moon (Dia de los Muertos)
Bryant Ross
yellow cedar - 21" dia.




Thunderbird Moon
Jay Brabnt
38" wide x 36.5" tall




Thunderbird Totem Pole
Bryant Ross
11' high x 7' 3" wide
$11000 cdn



Bella Coola Muscule Rattle
red cedar - 17" high
$1600 cdn


"Butterfly and Man
red cedar and cedar bark
15" high x 9" wide


Salmon Moon
Rylan Amos

red cedar
25" dia.



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Nuchanuilth Eagle
Pat Amos
15" high x 11"wide (without bark) - red cedar




shMusculeRattle-a.jpg (322276 bytes)
Muscle Shell Rattle
Steven Hunt
yellow cedar - 15"



swhalfmoon-a.jpg (166744 bytes)
Giant Half Moon
Stan Wamiss
red cedar - 7 feet high



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Portrait Mask
Gene Brabant
red cedar - 12"
$2000 cdn



thzuniquwa.jpg (119792 bytes)
Tony Hunt Jr.
red cedar - 22" high
$4000 cdn





seanthunder-a.jpg (132501 bytes)
Thunder Spirit
Sean Hinton
cedar, mirror, pine boughs - 12" high
$1800 cdn



seanbukwasrattle-a.jpg (43579 bytes)
Bukwus Rattle
Sean Hinton
yellow cedar, hair - 10" high
$1100 cdn



bsfronlet-a.jpg (107837 bytes)
People of the Eagle Frontlet
Barry Scow
alder, abalone - 8" high
$900 cdn




brRaven-a.jpg (91518 bytes)
Human Portrait
Bryant Ross
yellow cedar - 11.5" high x 10" wide
$600 cdn



tomhuntpole1-2.jpg (73683 bytes)
Eagle & Bear Totem
Tom Hunt
red cedar - 10' high x 7' wide


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