Raven and Crooked Beak
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This video is from a show we had in Seattle at the Stonington Gallery.
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This dance occurs just before the last time that the tame Hamatsa comes on the floor. The Raven and the Crooked Beak, along with the Huk Huk   are allies of Baxwbakwalanuxwsiwe, the Man-Eater-of-the-North-End-of-the-World.
"There is a story about Raven and Crooked Beak. Raven was flying over the ocean when he saw Eagle. Eagle was flying very high, watching down at the water. Suddenly he dove down and scooped a fish right out of the ocean. Raven envied Eagle. "If that Eagle can dive down and catch a fish then I should be able to easily catch my fill." said Raven. He flew as high as he could over the ocean. When he saw shadows of what he thought were fish he dove for the water. The shadow was a reef that was just below the surface of the water and when he hit it his beak was bent backwards. He was called Crooked Beak after that.