Norval Morrisseau
Limited Edition of 350
Published 1979
Condition - As New

The Box Set contains a limited edition printing of the book
the "Art Of Norval Morrisseau" with deer hide binding and
5 limited edition prints that are exclusively available in this
set. The box is covered with white canvas with straps
and an embossed signature in deer hide.

This book is the definitive publication for Morrisseau's early
works. It was published in 1979 and contains prime examples
of his painting up to that time. The book is very nicely
presented on a black piece of wood that is indented to hold
the book. It is covered with deer hide and has
Morrisseau's signature embossed on it,

Written by Lister Sinclair and Jack Pollack, it is 200 pages and
contains many plates of Morrisseau's paintings
. The book is signed
and numbered by the author. It is number 325 0f 350.

Under the book and insert is a black sleeve that contains 5
limited edition prints that were made for this box set. They are
all signed and numbered 325 of 350 by the artist.

Shaman Conjuring Speech

The Dawn

Young Gulls Watching

Composition With Loons

Shaman and Apprentice

The prints measure 18" x 24"
The box is 20" x 26" x 3.5"






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